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  • Dr.
    Wei Sheen Chong

    Dr. Wei Sheen Chong completed her chiropractic degree from Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, in 2005. After having practiced in both Australia and Malaysia, Dr. Chong moved to the U.S. and gained further experience working in two South Florida chiropractic practices. She has now settled down in sunny Florida, opening her own practice, where she is proud to be serving the Broward community.

    As a high school student, Dr. Wei Sheen Chong was involved in a lot of sports, playing soccer for her school and a local club, softball, tennis and athletics.

    All the activities and studying resulted in neck, back and shoulder pain as well as numbness and tingling in her arms and legs. After finding out she had scoliosis from a routine school examination, Dr. Wei Sheen sought the opinion of several medical doctors, who weren't able to help her and termed a lot of the aches and pains as 'growing pains'. She was advised to stop her sporting activities. It was during this time that she met a chiropractor and received her first chiropractic adjustment. This changed her life and resulted in her switching degrees in university to pursue a chiropractic career.

    With a passion for holistic health, she hopes to be able to create a positive change and increase awareness in the community.

    Dr. Chong is also Webster Certified, Certified in Acupuncture and is a Fascial Movement Taping Level 2 Rocktape Provider.

    She is licensed to practice in Florida and is an active member of the American Chiropractic Association and Florida Chiropractic Association.

  • Viviana
    Chiropractic Asssistant

    Viviana has been with Back In Harmony Chiropractic and Wellness Center since February 2015. She is a student at Nova Southeastern University pursuing a masters in Physician Assistant Studies. She is a Puerto Rican native, and grew up here in South Florida. She is very passionate about health and wellness of the mind and body. In her spare time she enjoys working out, playing tennis, and spending time outdoors.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "My son enjoys his treatment. He feels so clear and relaxed after his visit. Dr. Chong has the hands for making her patients feel wonderful and have more energy. Lily is always a pleasure. It has been over a year. My son still feels great. Thank you Dr. Chong for assisting in our well-being.
    We will see you soon!"
    - G. Gonzalez