We value our patients' experience at Back In Harmony Chiropractic and Wellness Center. If you are currently a patient, and you've seen and felt the amazing changes you've had with chiropractic care, why not share your experience with others? Please feel free to complete the following Testimonial Form. The form is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

Testimonial Form

'Dr. Chong really took the time to help me understand the importance of chiropractic adjustments and equipped me with the crucial information needed to comprehend the potential my body lacks if my spine is not correctly aligned. Since my first adjustment in September 2010, I have seen an improvement in my posture, my chronic lower back pain is gone, and I have not been ill once. It's a great feeling to know that my immune system is stronger and my body now continues to work at 100%'

- Lily T.

'I started receiving chiropractic care since 2013 and I have seen incredible results. My lower back and posture have improved significantly. The muscular pain and discomfort I used to have is slightly minimal. Chiropractic care is something everyone should have in life, nothing to be afraid of, instead it is a quality of life that will pay off in later years of life. Dr. Wei Sheen is the best chiropractic doctor. She takes her time to listen and treats your discomforts with the utmost care. Since coming to chiropractic care for 2 years I can sleep better, my energy has increased and overall I feel fantastic! I will continue to come as long as Dr. Wei Sheen is my chiropractic doctor smile emoticon ' 

- Jill M.

Mi familia y yo comenzamos a tomar cuidado quiropráctico con la doctora hace 5 años. La verdad es que ha sido muy bueno para nuestra salud corporal y también mental. Nos ha ayudado a disminuir dolores musculares en cualquier parte del cuerpo y consiguiente mejorar el estado de ánimo y deseo para realizar actividades. Yo lo recomiendo bastante a todos mis familiares y amigos pues el beneficio es muy grande. Teníamos el caso de mi hermano que tuvo un accidente. Con el tratamiento de la doctora, se recuperó rápido de todos los dolores…..Nos sentimos todos mejores! 

- L. Velasco

English Translation: 'My family and I started chiropractic treatment with the doctor about 5 years ago. The truth is that it has been great for our physical and mental health. It has helped us diminish muscular pain in various parts of our bodies, consequently bettering our state of mind and energy to accomplish activities. We had the case of my brother who had an accident. His treatment with Dr. Chong helped him recuperate quickly from all of his aches and pains. We all feel better! - L. Velasco

"I have been an athlete and contractor since the age of 10. Subjecting myself through the worst punishment. I could not begin to tell you the pain in every area of this body; sciatica, loss of feeling in extremities, and just overall twisted, especially my lower back. There has been only one doctor that has fixed me, Dr. Wei Sheen Chong, the best help ever. Bless her practice for saving me. Liliana is pretty amazing also. She knows how to care."
- Tom K.

My son enjoys his treatment. He feels so clear and relaxed after his visit. Dr. Chong has the hands for making her patients feel wonderful and have more energy. Lily is always a pleasure. It has been over a year. My son still feels great. Thank you Dr. Chong for assisting in our well-being.
We will see you soon!

- G. Gonzalez

I started receiving chiropractic care because of neck and upper back pain. After a couple of visits, I started to feel better. Dr Wei Sheen Chong also explained to me what exercises I could do at home and how easy they are to do. It has been almost 2 months of treatment since I first started. I feel GREAT. I sleep better, have increased energy, and no more pain. I recommend Dr. Chong to my friends and family and to anybody who needs help with back or neck pain. She is a professional! Great quality service.

D. Solskiy

Dr. Chong and Lily got me through 3 Tough Mudder events and 1 Super Spartan Race. Training injuries were taken care of and I felt my best going into these events. Unfortunately we moved  to Michigan and I miss her expertise. However, every time I'm in FLL, I make sure I get an adjustment at Back in Harmony!!!! I recommend them 100%!

Mark T.

Thank you Dr. Chong for a much needed adjustment before my marathon. Because of your knowledge, skills and professionalisim I had a great race, came in Second Overall Female and finished 15 minutes faster than my previous marathon. Couldn't have done it without you!


After seeing about 6 different specialists in various practices without any positive results, I decided to try one last alternative, which is when I found Back In Harmony Chiropractic. I figured that if this wasn't successful, then I would have to just face the fact that I would have to live in excruciating pain for the rest of my life.

I had been under chiropractic care some years ago at another practice out of state and didn't feel any real improvements. Naturally I was skeptical about trying it again, but from the first consultation at Back In Harmony, I had the feeling it would be a totally different experience.

Dr. Wei Sheen Chong spent a good amount of time reviewing my medical records and the X-rays that she had taken in order to figure out what the pronlems were; I was pleasantly shocked with how detailed she was as I hadn't experienced that with any of the previous specialists. She made me feel comfortable and was very thorough in explaining what has been causing my pain. For the first time I felt that someone was genuinely listening to me and had validated why I was in pain, I wasn't crazy after all...

I have been going to Back In Harmony Chiropractic for a few months now for the treatment of my lower back, right shoulder and left leg. I remember telling Dr. Wei Sheen initially that I felt like humpty dumpty and hoped she could put me back together again. Each time I came for treatment I was amazed as to how well she determined exactly where my pain was, as if she has x-ray vision in her hands. Completely amazing!

Well, the pain has been significantly reduced in my lower back and left leg, which makes me super happy. While I'm not completely at 100% yet humpty dumpty has been put back together again and I can now live a normal life and do things I just couldn't do before. Simple things such as sitting or standing for minutes would be too painful. I had trouble sleeping too so that made it even worse to cope with my daily routine and travels for work. I am also now able to exercise weekly, which is imoprtant for my full recovery.

Oh and I can't forget about sweet Lily.... She has been very patient in helping me set up all of my appointments and never acted as though anything I asked was too much trouble. She has always made me feel like she was there to be supportive during my care. I truly appreciate that.

Both Dr. Wei Sheen and Lily have been a real blessing in my life and I can't thank them enough for what they've done for me!!! 


I. Olivero

I've needed back expertise for a long time and was always hesitant to seek help because I wanted to make sure I would be in good hands. The Back In Harmony Chiropractic and Wellness Center Team has exceeded my expectations and continues to impress me with their kindness, reliability and dedication. What I love most about being a patient here, is that along with the treatment while in the office, Dr. Chong always gives remedies and other tips to help with the problems I am having. I am amazed at how vast Dr. Chong's knowledge is of not only the back but of the entire body. I also have IBS and my visits plus the remedies Dr. Chong has given me, have helped tremendously. I am truly grateful for Dr. Chong and her assistant, Lily for always being welcoming and for all their help!

Vernon P.

My kids have been receiving treatment for two weeks with Doctor Chong and I am very happy with the results. They have more energy, feel more relaxed and certain health issues they had have been resolved without any medicine. Doctor Chong is great with the kids and explains to the parents and children everything she does while doing the adjustments. She is very gentle and I am very happy we found a great Doctor!

Gina E.|

I started receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Chong over a year ago and I plan to continue for a long time.  I have been suffering with neck & shoulder pain and migraine headaches for quite some time and Dr. Chong has helped me resolve these issues with great results. I feel less stress and I have more energy. My overall well being is Dr. Chong's priority and for this I thank her. I love the personalized attention here and I will recommend chiropractic services to anyone. I appreciate Dr. Chong & Lily for all their wonderful help.

Melody G.

Thank you Back In Harmony! I have been receiving chiropractic care at Back In Harmony for about a year. When I first started treatment I had severe right shoulder pain, probably an occupational mishap from holding the telephone with my right shoulder, constantly. After just four adjustments, I felt like a new person. The pain subsided tremendously! I am now just receiving maintenance therapy at Back In Harmony, twice monthly. I have also been using the 'Total Tea' and have more energy and improved digestion. My husband now comes for treatment as well!

Patreka L. 

After receiving care for a month, I have reaped the benefits of chiropractic and am a much happier person. I no longer experience the annoying physical pains of getting older. I have felt increased energy, mind, and clarity, relief from headaches and a more youthful flexibility. I have also brought my daughter and husband and they too are grateful for the benefits of great chiropractic care. I would recommend chiropractic to anyone who wants to feel more youthful. The duo at Back In Harmony Chiropractic are amazing! They are efficient, effective, and caring. I feel like I am going to a spa treatment, feeling so rejuvenated and refreshed when I leave. Thank you from my whole family!

Victoria R. 

I started about 2 months ago with severe mid-back, lower back and neck pain, with a lot of discomfort and sinus headaches, and sleep difficulty. All areas are noticeably different with no discomfort. By learning behaviour changes and exercises to improve posture and balance of mind, body, spirit. I would recommend chiropratic care to assist others to balance their life issues and body. I can now go through daily life pain-free and sleeping well and enjoying life with more energy, focus, feeling better about getting back to exercise and maintain a healthy weight and diet.

Ronald L.

On August 17, 2010 - I came for the 1st time to visit Dr. Wei Sheen Chong. The results I experienced were excellent. It improved my quality of life at work and at home. I told my wife about the chiropractic care I received and she also came to see Dr. Chong. Now I can do a better job lifting, and walking. The health benefits I experience includes better sleep and increased energy.

Many thanks to Dr. Wei Sheen Chong and her wonderful staff.

Spiro A.

I have been receiving chiropractic care regularly since the age of 16 after having a neck injury from gymnastics. Now working as a massage therapist and not only knowing the benefits and relief that getting an adjustment provides, but being able to FEEL amazingly better with treatments from Dr. Wei Sheen! I am able to feel rejuvenated, re-aligned, pain-free and re-energized to be able to treat my clients! I am grateful for Dr. Wei Sheen!

Shannon K.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "My son enjoys his treatment. He feels so clear and relaxed after his visit. Dr. Chong has the hands for making her patients feel wonderful and have more energy. Lily is always a pleasure. It has been over a year. My son still feels great. Thank you Dr. Chong for assisting in our well-being.
    We will see you soon!"
    - G. Gonzalez